lørdag den 24. marts 2012

The Exchange:

We ask people to bring an object or a term that represent a cultural value for them.
These will be objects for an investigation of cultural growth in a close dialogue with
people who bring the objects and people in the streets. The investigation will take
place in a crossover between the local culture of the people we meet in Istanbul
and the local culture we bring along. In order to strengthen the discussion on what
cultural outsourcing is we will add elements and modify the objects and words or statements we

Dear Erdem Abaka
Thanks for trusting us with your MUZE CARD, so we could go and see some local culture
 (in connection with our prokect rum46 - Outsourcing!)
Unfortunally we found a limitation to your generous act. The people frem the ticket hall at Aya 
Sofia took your card as we were trying to use it in your name for the entrance. They keept the 
card, even though we argueed for the performance as part of an art project. So here we give you
20L to the taxi to reclame your MUZE CARD at Aya Sofias ticket hall.
Sorry for the trouble!
All the best
Studsgade 46, st tv
8000 Aarhus C 
Grete Aagaard, Lise Skou, Barbara Katzin, Dorte Pedersen and Tanja Nellermann Poulsen

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