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The Exchange March 23 rd and 28th 2:00-7:00pm
The Talk March 24th and 29th 5:00-7:00pm
The Dinner March 25thand March 30th 2:00-7:00pm
Opening day
Thursday 22 at 7:00pm

For the opening we ask people to bring objects and a word or a statement representing a cultural
value for them. These will be objects for exchange and transformation during our

In 2012 Rum46 is investigating the notion outsourcing. As part of this investigation
they visit PASAjist in Istanbul from the 20th of March.
Rum46 will literally be outsourcing their artistic practice by moving their exhibition
space to guest the street in front of the Pasajist for 14 days. The physical project
space of rum46 will be reconstructed and outsourced from its Danish street-address,
number 46, to the PASAjist location in Istanbul.

For two weeks, this staged physical plateau of rum46 will be hosting workshops,
talks and suppers. The topic will revolve around the notion of cultural valuation, as
rum46 will be examining what cultural value they, as a non-profit exhibition space,
can gain from the outsourcing process.

Cultural outsourcing
A kind of international solution where ”in-house” products, problems or operations
become external and are produced in another place. The fact that a part of, or the
whole production is outsourced and produced in another place can have economic
advantages. These advantages can, however, be calculated in many different ways:
When rum46 outsources its non-profit activity, it is not with the intention of gaining
economic rewards. The outsourcing would be placed within a cultural, aesthetic and
social platform with the intention of researching what kind of value one can gain
through cultural outsourcing.

A refined outsourcing term that 1) concerns cultural worth rather than economic
profits, 2) involves all participants in the outsourcing process, and 3) measures the
output not based on a one way profit-system and its quantitative economical profit,
but on a qualitative two-way model based on cultural valuation and exchange.
With cultural outsourcing it is the cultural rather than the economic output that

1 Sitkin og Bowen: ”International production: Outsourcing theory”, i International

Business (Oxford
University Press):

is calculated and transformed. This model is based on circular and participatory
communication where all the parties are actively involved rather than a linear one-
way communication. In this way cultural outsourcing is understood as a dialogue
where both the outsourced activity and the cultural “other” can attain an increased
level of intercultural value from the overall outsourcing process.

With this in mind outsourcing is a relative notion: Here the importance of the social
and interorganisational exchange is an important dimension in the outsourcing
processes from the point of view that exchange of resources (material and social) is
a basic human interaction form.

The project consists of 3 elements: Exchange, Dinner, Talk,
The Exchange:
We ask people to bring an object or a term that represent a cultural value for them.
These will be objects for an investigation of cultural growth in a close dialogue with
people who bring the objects and people in the streets. The investigation will take
place in a crossover between the local culture of the people we meet in Istanbul
and the local culture we bring along. In order to strengthen the discussion on what
cultural outsourcing is we will add elements and modify the objects and words or statements we

We will be at our platform in front of PASAjist from:

Friday March 23 – Sunday March 25 between 2:00-7:00 pm
Wednesday 28 – Friday March 30 between 2:00-7:00pm

Please join us with your ideas, thoughts and objects!

The Dinner:
We ask people to bring an ingredient specific to their culture and/or a recipe. We will also
bring ingredients and recipes specific to our local culture. Together we will cook a
dinner and serve a meal for people passing by.
The recipes and photos documenting the event will be published at our Blog.

The Talk:
We will invite a number of people who in one way or another are professionally
employed with economic and cultural outsourcing. We will do a number of informal talks/
These conversations will be transcribed and published at our Blog.

Upon returning to Denmark we will continue the discussion in a number of seminars and talks and
we will host events and exhibitions within the notion of outsourcing.

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